Basic Steps To Maintain Hardwood Floor

Basic Steps To Maintain Hardwood floor

Hardwood floors can be refinished to restore the new appearance of aged, worn surfaces. It may be the only technique to bring damaged flooring back to its former condition. However, sanding and refinishing floors is expensive, filthy, and time-consuming, so you should think it through carefully before moving on.

DIY can be expensive and owners do not have enough tools to complete the process. Professionals are required to bring this floor back to life. They are always ready for any kind of emergency. Here are some steps you can follow to make keep your hardwood in good condition.

Steps To Maintain Hardwood Floors

Vacuum Regularly

This will assist in collecting any small particles that simple sweeping would miss, and the powerful suction of a vacuum cleaner is especially helpful to remove dust and dirt from crevices and spaces between planks. Following a rapid cleaning practice could assist you to make sure you’re successfully and regularly cleaning every room and area.

Clean Spills Immediately

When cleaning up spills, use a dry or barely damp towel rather than a wet or steam mop to prevent further harm. The best approach to avoid these problems is to mop up spills right away. Maintaining a temperature in your home between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit is vital since wood shrinks and swells depending on the moisture and humidity.

Keep Your Floors Dry

Once you get your hand on the right floor cleaner for your house, use it on your hardwood floor with a clean damp mop. Do not use much water to clean the surface as it can cause swelling in the woods. For this reason, consider a microfiber mop instead of a cotton mop as it requires less water and doesn’t leave the mop wet.

Use Furniture Pads

Some of the most challenging issues with wood flooring are scratches. While certain scars cannot be avoided, others can be easily avoided. Adding furniture pads to the legs of your chairs, couches, tables, and other furnishings is one of the greatest ways to stop them.

Recoat The Entire Surface

Your wood floors can be refreshed through recoating if they become a touch dull over time. Applying a fresh coat of wood floor finish can help to make them aesthetic again. As it depends on the wear and tear of the owner and how they use it.

If they have less traffic they can recoat it in 2 to 3 years. If you have a large family, pets, or children you need to have recoating once a year to preserve your floor.

Signs You Need To Maintain Your Hardwood Floor

There can be several tricks to know that you need a maintenance checkup on your floors. Many individuals do not have enough knowledge on how to properly maintain them, here are some tips you need to know for the future.

  • Major Scratches And Dents
  • Cupping
  • Splinters
  • Gray Floorboards
  • Water Stains
  • Fading And Discoloration

These tips can help you to extend the lifespan of your floors. If you have no time then you can hire professionals. As they are well trained and can easily cover up any of our mishaps with their amazing equipment. They are skilled and always aim to provide the best service any company can provide. You all can call them for a free quote or you can ask for some advice.

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