How Often To Deep Clean Your Office

How Often to Deep Clean Your Office

Office places play an essential role in any business. Sometimes businesses are known by their offices. A clean and fresh office environment is a must for every business. A clean office has lots of benefits. Clean places improve air quality, create an active work environment, and enhance mood.

On the other hand, unclean places affect the physical and mental health of the employees. It reduces productivity and impacts sales and profits. That is why you must have a clean office place.

It was about the pros and cons of a clean office. But the question arises how often do you deep clean your office? There are two ways to clean your office, one is regular cleaning, and another is deep cleaning. According to professionals, an average office should be deep cleaned twice a year. Or at least once a year.

Difference Between Regular and Deep Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

Deep Cleaning
Vacuuming of carpets and workbench Carpet Cleaning
A dusting of upholstery, desks, and furniture Upholstery Cleaning
Wiping the floors Window Cleaning
Wiping the door handles, windows, & drawers Pressure Washing
Taking out the trash Tile and grout Cleaning

Signs that your office requires a deep cleaning

Dirty Carpets

Because of constant rush carpets in your office carpets become dirty. A massive amount of dirt and soil particles are trapped inside the carpet fibers, making them look dirty and reducing their shine. Regular cleaning is not much effective for such carpets. So if there are dirty carpets in your office, it is a sign for deep cleaning.

Dirty Tile and Grout

Dark tile and grout, especially in washrooms, are another sign of the requirement for deep cleaning. With constant use, the tile and grout become dirty; because of being in contact with water. Such dirty tiles have a lot of harmful bacteria, which can cause several health issues.

Unusual Musty Smell

A musty smell is a common sign of uncleanliness. You will not smell such if you regular-clean your office daily. But, even after regular cleaning, if you have a musty smell in your office, it is something you might immediately look into; As No one like to work in such a smell. So you should deep clean your office if you smell such.

Decreased efficiency

Cleaning improves air quality and prevents harmful bacteria, which leads to better health for employees. It has a direct impact on work productivity. Sick leaves reduce because of a cleaner environment. So if you find your staff’s productivity decreasing, it might be because of unclean office.

Office Deep Cleaning Checklist for You

    • Clean the entrance
    • Mop the floor area
    • Dust and Wipe the furniture
    • Pressure wash windows
    • Clean Tile and Grout
    • Clean washrooms
    • Clean Carpets
    • Clean Kitchen/Pantry area
    • Clear trash bins
    • Disinfect and Freshen Up
    • Bottom Line

You should deep clean your office twice or at least once to have a fresh and healthy work environment and improve profits. Connect to your local office cleaning services for more assistance.

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