How To Remove Nail Polish Out Of Carpet

How to Remove Nail Polish Out of Carpet

Spilling nail polish is quite a common thing. The accident can happen to you, your children, or anybody. You might be worried about the spilled nail polish on your carpet. No need to worry anymore. Here is how to remove nail polish from the carpet.

Follow the steps, and the nail polish will vanish from your carpet.

Things required to remove nail polish

  1. Paper Towels
  2. Nail Polish Remover
  3. Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Liquid Dishwasher
  5. Vinegar

Easy Steps to Remove Nail Polish Out of Capet

Blot the nail polish with paper towels as much as possible while the spill is wet. It is the best way to remove it without damaging your carpet.

Do not let the stain spread while bloating. Blot it gently.

If the stain is already dry, try to remove it by scraping it with a butter knife. Vacuum the carpet to remove nail polish particles you just scrapped.

Now wet a cloth (that is not useful, but clean) with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and gently dab that cloth on the affected area.

While doing this, search about the carpet material, and be sure nail polish remover will not stain it furthermore.

Try to remove the maximum amount of nail polish with this cloth, just like you did with paper towels.

After removing the nail polish, prepare a cleaning solution to remove the stain and clean the carpet.

Add one tablespoon of liquid dishwasher and vinegar each into a vessel with two cups of warm water.

Thoroughly mix the solution and apply it to the stain. You can either pour it directly or spray it using a spray bottle.

Wait for 2-3 minutes to let the cleaning solution work on the stain. After that, dab the cloth on the affected area and again start bloating it.

Keep dabbing until there’s no more color transferring to the cloth. The cleaning solution works on the nail polish and helps for easy removal.

Once you are sure; there is no color transfer, wet the area with warm water and blot it with paper towels. It will remove all the nail polish, cleaning solution, and moisture inside carpet fiber.

Now leave the carpet untouched for three to five hours till it is dry. You can use air dryers for instant drying.

These steps will help you remove the nail polish from the carpet. You can use carpet freshers to get rid of the nail polish or vinegar smell.

Sprinkle the fresher on the cleaned area and wait for some time. After that vacuum, the excessive freshener, and the task is complete.

Bottom Line

You must have been so scared the moment when nail polish spilled on your carpet. You probably thought that now this stain will remain as it is permanently. But now you don’t have to worry as you know how to remove nail polish from the carpet. A thing to remember is that if you find it hard to remove nail polish, call the professionals instead of doing it the wrong way.

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