Premium Quality Move In/Out Cleaning Services Cincinnati, Ohio

Get Cost-Effective & Efficient Move In/Out Cleaning Services In Cincinnati, Ohio

Moving is a big job in and of itself and you’re already busy with packing and organizing. Whether you’re moving in or moving out, American Maids of Move Out Cleaning Services Cincinnati is here to get your house ready for the big day. We’ll take care of cleaning out cupboards, scrubbing down floors, wiping off fixtures, and more so you can stay focused on getting your new home ready for your family. Call American Maids of Cincinnati for additional information or to schedule your special cleaning services.
Move In/Out Cleaning Services In Cincinnati


  • Hand wipe all cabinet exteriors
  • Clean and wipe down pantry
  • Vacuum out and Wet wipe inside cabinets and drawers
  • Clean countertops
  • Wipe backsplash
  • Clean sink and polish faucets
  • Clean microwave (inside and out)
  • Clean and polish oven and refrigerator exterior and interior
  • Clean and polish stove top and vent hood
  • Detail clean under electric range burners
  • Vacuum and mop kitchen floor
  • Clean mirrors (Streak-free)
  • Wipe all reachable light fixtures
  • Wipe cabinet fronts
  • Wipeout inside cabinets and drawers
  • Scrub shower and tub
  • Clean counters, sinks, and polish fixtures
  • Disinfect toilet and toilet area
  • Clean and disinfect bathroom floor


All rooms

  •  Remove cob webs
  • Wipe all reachable light fixtures and ceiling fan blades (If reachable)
  • Dust A/C vents
  • Wipe down (inside and out) any built in cabinets or book cases 
  • Disinfect light switches and door knobs
  • Hand wipe door frames and doors
  • Hand wipe window sills inside tracks and window ledges 
  • Dust baseboards and blinds 
  • Dust banisters and hand rails 
  • Vacuum floors and mop hard surface floors
  • Vacuum carpet edges with attachment
  • Clean front/back door glass
  • Hand wash baseboards
  • Clean oven (interior)
  • Clean refrigerator/freezer
  • Wash interior window (must be reachable with a 2-step stool)
  • Hand wash wood blinds or shutters