Understanding Office Cleaning Costs: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners & Managers

Business owner reviewing a detailed cleaning cost estimate for office maintenance

Factors Affecting Office Cleaning Costs Mason

When it comes to hiring professional office cleaning services, one of the biggest questions on the minds of office managers, GMs, and facility managers is the cost.

It may sometimes seem like contractors simply come up with prices out of thin air, but there is actually a methodology behind it. In this article, we will explore the variables that impact office cleaning costs, helping you gain a clearer understanding of how these prices are determined.


Table of Contents:

  • Factors Affecting Office Cleaning Costs 
  • Business Objectives: Tailoring Cleaning Services to Your Industry
  • Service Frequency: The More You Buy, the Lower the Unit Cost
  • Day and Time of Service: Supply and Demand Dynamics
  • Payment & Invoice Terms: Considering Cash Flow for Cleaning Service Providers
  • Hours Per Month: The Impact of Building Size and Required Hours



Business Objectives: Tailoring Cleaning Services to Your Industry

Business Objectives

It may seem unusual, but the Cincinnati metro market is home to over 30,000 businesses, each operating in different industries with unique needs.

A financial services business catering to wealthy clients may require a higher level of cleanliness for appearance purposes, while medical buildings prioritize cleanliness for practical reasons.

Some manufacturing plants may have clean rooms that only need standard cleaning in office areas. Understanding your specific business objectives will help determine the level of cleaning required and, consequently, the associated costs.

Service Frequency

The frequency of cleaning services per month plays a significant role in cost determination. As a general rule, the more services you purchase, the lower the unit cost.

For example, scheduling 21 services a month allows for daily cleaning, which is more efficient compared to having only 10 services per month. The per clean rate tends to be higher for fewer services, as the building accumulates more dirt and takes longer to clean.

Day and Time of Service

Supply and demand dynamics are crucial in determining the rate per service. The specific days and times you require cleaning can influence costs. If cleaning needs to be performed after 11 pm, for instance, there is a smaller labor pool available for contractors, leading to higher wages. Being flexible with the timing can help optimize costs.



Hours Per Month: The Impact of Building Size and Required Hours

Payment & Invoice Terms

Cash flow is an essential consideration for most cleaning service providers. While many businesses have a standard net 30-day payment cycle, some require longer periods, such as 60 or even 90 days, before sending an invoice. It’s important to understand that most commercial cleaning businesses are relatively small and may face significant cash flow burdens.

Some may choose not to bid on properties with longer payment cycles or add a mark-up to cover the extended waiting period.

Hours Per Month

Apart from service frequency, the size of the building and the number of hours required per month greatly impact per clean costs. Supervision plays a crucial role here.

With larger buildings, a supervisor or team leader can be assigned nightly, ensuring efficient operations. However, smaller jobs may require a supervisor to drive to multiple sites each night, resulting in additional costs.


By considering the factors outlined above, you can gain a better understanding of how professional office cleaning costs are determined. By aligning your business objectives, service frequency, day and time of service, payment terms, and the number of hours needed, you can work with cleaning service providers to find a solution that meets your budget and maintains a clean and productive office environment.



Valery Gallardo
Valery Gallardo
We recently started using American Maids for our office space and have LOVED working with Essie. She is responsible, kind, and diligent. Her and the team are awesome.
Anna Christine Sands
Anna Christine Sands
Betza did an amazing job with a deep clean in my kitchen, texted me when a question came up, and was very kind. Would use this company again.
Lauren Parrish
Lauren Parrish
Essie, Calvin, and their team were incredible. From the first time I met Essie (before cleaning), I would’ve given 5 stars. She was so much fun to talk to & very respectful of our space. We have 5 dogs in our home at the moment. Calvin & the team went through every crevice of our home, probably got up 10lbs of dog hair we couldn’t even see & dander from every surface. Our house smells, looks, & feels amazing. Their communication was amazing & they even share some tips & products they use throughout your home. I couldn’t recommend them enough (and sometime soon use their floor cleaning service!!) & cannot wait until they come back again.
Max Monter
Max Monter
The team was timely, thorough, and did an amazing job with all of the windows, blinds, carpets and floors.
Rachel Freytag
Rachel Freytag
Highly recommend this company! They did an extremely thorough cleaning of my home, top to bottom! I had used some other companies in the past and they blew them away! Also the owner and employees were all very friendly! Will definitely work with them again!
Christine Malloy
Christine Malloy
Excellent! Very thorough and they kept me aware of their schedule. They went over and above.
jake fry
jake fry
Very friendly owners & staff. Exceptional cleaning, especially the dreaded bathrooms!
Joy Dienger
Joy Dienger
Owner and staff very courteous and thorough. Completed all cleaning as detailed on invoice. Reasonably priced.
Hunter Fry
Hunter Fry
They are awesome!! My house really needed a deep clean, and they did such a good job we brought them back to clean the upstairs rooms. Everyone is so professional and friendly. Essie even helped my mom make the best soup ever, gave her great advice. Seeing the finished product after their service was like seeing a brand new home!

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