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Extensive Cleaning Checklists Followed

Extensive Cleaning Checklists Followed

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Experience Unmatched Cleanliness: Our Premier House Cleaning Services in Westchester, Ohio


Nestled in the heart of the family-friendly community of West Chester, Ohio, American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction through top-tier house cleaning and maid services. West Chester, known for its picturesque neighborhoods, vibrant community spirit, and family-focused environment, sets the stage for our commitment to delivering exceptional cleanliness with a touch of warmth.


Here’s how we bring our commitment to your home:

Over 30 Years Experience: With over three decades of dedicated expertise, we bring unparalleled knowledge and proficiency to every service, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Tailored for Your Home: We recognize the individuality of each home, and our cleaning services are personalized to meet your specific needs. No one-size-fits-all solutions here – we embrace the unique aspects of your space, mirroring the diverse and welcoming character of West Chester.

Building Family Bonds: At the core of our service is the belief in building lasting relationships. Professionalism, respect, and delivering exceptional work are the foundations of the strong bonds we foster with our customers. In a community like West Chester, where neighborly connections thrive, we extend that same sense of camaraderie to our cleaning services.

Dependability at its Core: Count on us to be punctual, responsive, and unwaveringly reliable. The strong sense of community in West Chester inspires our commitment to effective communication, reflecting our respect for your time. We strive to exceed your expectations with every visit, just as West Chester exceeds expectations with its welcoming atmosphere.

Customer Service Excellence: Your satisfaction is not just a goal; it’s our unwavering priority. We go above and beyond to ensure your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional. Your happiness propels us to consistently enhance and provide the best service possible, mirroring the community’s commitment to excellence in West Chester.


Select American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist for an unparalleled cleaning experience that transcends expectations. Let us bring a radiant shine to your West Chester home or business while delivering customer service that mirrors the warm and welcoming spirit unique to our cherished community.

Family Friendly House Cleaning Service You Can Trust

Valery Gallardo
Valery Gallardo
We recently started using American Maids for our office space and have LOVED working with Essie. She is responsible, kind, and diligent. Her and the team are awesome.
Anna Christine Sands
Anna Christine Sands
Betza did an amazing job with a deep clean in my kitchen, texted me when a question came up, and was very kind. Would use this company again.
Lauren Parrish
Lauren Parrish
Essie, Calvin, and their team were incredible. From the first time I met Essie (before cleaning), I would’ve given 5 stars. She was so much fun to talk to & very respectful of our space. We have 5 dogs in our home at the moment. Calvin & the team went through every crevice of our home, probably got up 10lbs of dog hair we couldn’t even see & dander from every surface. Our house smells, looks, & feels amazing. Their communication was amazing & they even share some tips & products they use throughout your home. I couldn’t recommend them enough (and sometime soon use their floor cleaning service!!) & cannot wait until they come back again.
Max Monter
Max Monter
The team was timely, thorough, and did an amazing job with all of the windows, blinds, carpets and floors.
Rachel Freytag
Rachel Freytag
Highly recommend this company! They did an extremely thorough cleaning of my home, top to bottom! I had used some other companies in the past and they blew them away! Also the owner and employees were all very friendly! Will definitely work with them again!
Christine Malloy
Christine Malloy
Excellent! Very thorough and they kept me aware of their schedule. They went over and above.
jake fry
jake fry
Very friendly owners & staff. Exceptional cleaning, especially the dreaded bathrooms!
Joy Dienger
Joy Dienger
Owner and staff very courteous and thorough. Completed all cleaning as detailed on invoice. Reasonably priced.
Hunter Fry
Hunter Fry
They are awesome!! My house really needed a deep clean, and they did such a good job we brought them back to clean the upstairs rooms. Everyone is so professional and friendly. Essie even helped my mom make the best soup ever, gave her great advice. Seeing the finished product after their service was like seeing a brand new home!

Elevate Your Family’s Lifestyle with Exceptional Cleaning Services

“With three kids and busy schedules, keeping our home clean was always a challenge. Their exceptional services not only transformed our living space but also gave us back precious family time. The team’s commitment to cleanliness goes beyond expectations, making them an invaluable part of our family’s journey.” – The Johnson Family


Embark on a transformative journey with American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist, a company designed with the singular purpose of making the upkeep of your living or working space a breeze.

Meet Essie and Calvin Powell, our visionary founders, who intimately understand the challenges faced by families. Having successfully raised their own three children amidst hectic schedules, they empathize with the daily struggle of harmonizing cleanliness and life’s demands.


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Authentic Video Testimonials: Hear What Customers Have to Say

"As a busy working mom, my home really needed a deep clean. American Maids went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. I've already referred 6 friends!" -Justine S, American Maids client

Our Core Values at American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist

Cincinnati homeowner achieving a polished finish using a microfiber mop on hardwood floors.

Unwavering Integrity: Our Commitment to Honesty and Integrity in Every Business Endeavor

Exemplary Professionalism: Elevating Service Standards Through Professionalism and Client Interactions

Uncompromising Quality: Consistently Delivering Excellence and Superior Standards

Heartfelt Care: Nurturing a Culture of Genuine Care for Our Team, Customers, and Company

Reliable Dependability: Trustworthy and Reliable, Ensuring We’re Always There When You Need Us

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Redefining Cleaning Services with Pet-Friendly Precision

“Hiring American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist was a game-changer for our household with pets. Their attentive approach not only left our home sparkling but also made our furry friends feel comfortable. The team goes beyond the ordinary to create an exceptional experience for both humans and pets. Our tails are wagging with delight!” – Lisa, Happy Pet Owner


Furry Friend Focus: Your pets take center stage as we attentively listen to your unique needs. Our commitment is to provide personalized cleaning solutions that cater not only to you but to your beloved four-legged companions.

Building Lasting Tails: We cultivate exceptional relationships with our cherished customers, fostering an environment of professionalism, respect, and exemplary workmanship. Our dedicated team takes pride in nurturing connections that go beyond the surface and extend to the furry members of your family.

Paw-some Dependability: Trust and reliability form the foundation of our service. Count on us for prompt and effective communication, along with consistent follow-through on our commitments. We strive to instill peace of mind, ensuring a dependable and stress-free experience for both you and your pets.

Unrivaled Pet-Centric Service: Brace yourself for an unmatched commitment to customer and furry friend satisfaction. From the initial contact to the final results, we go above and beyond to ensure your experience with us is truly exceptional, leaving tails wagging and purrs echoing.


Choose American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist for a cleaning experience that transcends the ordinary. Discover the pinnacle of quality and care, where the happiness of both you and your pets is our utmost priority.”

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Our House Cleaners Hard at Work:

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Clients

This price for house cleaning services in Cincinnati OH will vary depending on the size of your home and the frequency with which you need the service. For example, weekly or bi-weekly service will generally be less expensive than monthly or one-time service. If you have a larger home or require more specialized services, you can expect to pay more. To receive your free estimate from American Maids & Floors, click here!

While it is not necessary to clean before a cleaner comes, it is always appreciated if the homeowner does a little bit of tidying up. Having the counters and sink cleared of dishes allows us to scrub and clean deeply, and picking up items as much as possible off the floor is extremely helpful. 

Tips are never expected, but are greatly appreciated, and are accepted. Most clients prefer to tip a little at the end of each cleaning, but some prefer to provide a large tip at the end of the year. We love hearing that our work is appreciated and if you’d like to leave a review on our website or Facebook page, we’d greatly appreciate that! 

Our standard cleaning checklist is incredibly extensive, and what we follow for both your initial cleaning and recurring cleaning appointments. A move out/move in cleaning service is reserved for vacant homes, and includes tasks such as interiors of cabinets and appliances. However, you are always able to add these tasks onto your standard cleaning if only certain additional cleaning tasks are desired. To see our standard checklist, click here, and to see our move out/move in checklist, click here.

We love all pets, but you know your pets better than we do! If your pet is comfortable being around new people, especially those making noises – vacuum – mopping, etc – then having the pet at home is completely fine with us. To ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable, we do recommend that the animal be in a crate or a separate room for the duration of the job. If a pet is not comfortable around new people or noises, we ask that the pet be contained in a manner in which they will not be able to interact with the cleaners. American Maids only hires cleaners who are comfortable with pets, but if a pet is acting in a threatening manner to our cleaners, they are trained to leave the home immediately until we can reach you to discuss future cleaning options. 

Please Note: We do NOT walk, feed or clean up urine or feces left from animals.

The first cleaning ALWAYS takes the longest as we bring your home up to maintenance level. How much longer? The length truly depends on several factors, some of those factors are the amount of pets, kids or people living in the home, the level of buildup, decorating style and the size of your home. Most of American Maid's clients prefer to schedule regular cleanings, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Bi-weekly and every 4 weeks are our most popular recurring services. Having recurring services helps us maintain your home beautifully and keeps the time length and costs down for you. 

If you’d like to use our cleaning services more sporadically, each visit will take longer than if you were to have us come regularly. The more time between appointments, the more buildup there is. 

We can provide services as often as you would like. American Maids is happy to provide services weekly, biweekly, monthly or sporadically. Some clients request cleaning services for special events or move in and move out services. As the leading cleaning company in Cincinnati we are happy to work on a no-contract basis, which means that you can update or change your service schedule to accommodate your needs or budget as they change. For commercial clients we can provide services either during the workday or after hours – whichever best suits you. 

No, only if you would like to be. Upon booking, we will ask you if you will be home or how we will be able to enter the home if you plan to not be there. For the initial cleaning, most of our clients prefer to be home to show the cleaners around and explain any areas to give special attention, and explain any areas we can avoid. The majority of our regular clients trust our insured house cleaning professionals with a spare key or a key code to enter the home.