Office Cleaning Services in Cincinnati, OH

Cleaning shouldn’t be falling on your shoulders in your business. 

Think about the first time you walked into a less than clean business. What did you notice? The entry doors had smudges on the glass, and sand gathers in the corners of the entry way. You have some time before your appointment, so you head to the restroom. Opening the stall door, you immediately wish you had taken care of a bathroom break at home. You go back into the lobby after a thorough hand washing, and the tops of the picture frames sitting on the coffee table catch your eye- that is, the layer of dust on top of the picture frames. While you take a seat in preparation for your appointment, you notice the stunning crown molding framing the ceiling. Well, it would be stunning if not for the dense cobwebs gathered in the corners of the room. You haven’t even met any of the staff yet, and your first impression is less than impressed. Let’s reverse this now- what are YOUR potential customers thinking when they visit your office the first time? If it’s anything other than “wow, this place is clean!”, it’s time to call American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist- the top rated and reviewed office cleaning service in Cincinnati.

It is no small matter trusting someone to take care of the cleaning in your facilities. Almost always, they are left in your business alone with access to all areas, and you are depending on them to get the job done right before you open back up in the morning. It can be tempting to have some of your staff do the cleaning, or just do it yourself. Trust us when we say, your employees do NOT want to be responsible for keeping your business clean on top of their other responsibilities, and you as the owner or manager should not be spending your valuable time cleaning bathrooms. However, that doesn’t mean the job doesn’t need to get done, and done well. This is where American Maids comes in- our professional office cleaners in Cincinnati are obsessed with getting the details perfect for your business so you have one less thing to worry about.


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Why choose American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist for your office cleaning needs?

100% Reliability
If your cleaning is on the schedule, it is getting done. Period. Using technology in a practical way is the name of the game here. Our scheduling software requires clock-ins and clock-outs with GPS logging that lets our management team know that our cleaners are at your business when they are supposed to be. When we do have a sick employee, which happens to every business, that doesn’t mean your cleaning gets forgotten. We train multiple team members on each facility so if a fill-in occurs, your level of service is not affected. Many of our commercial clients know all too well the struggle of hiring an individual cleaner and managing them constantly, even at times wondering if they even cleaned the day before. The stress of getting the “can’t come clean tonight” text or voicemail is a thing of the past when you utilize American Maids. We ALWAYS get the job done for you so you can focus on growing your business.

Custom-Made Plans
Every new client we clean for gets a custom designed janitorial plan that fits your businesses unique needs. This establishes what tasks should be done nightly, weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis. From here, we create checklists for our cleaners to follow that fit how often we clean for you. Not every business needs nightly service- we never push for too frequent of cleanings if that is not what your business should have. We have many small businesses here that have us come on a twice weekly, once weekly, twice monthly, or monthly basis because that is what makes sense for them! Though we create these plans and checklists, they are never set in stone. If a task needs to be changed or frequency adjusted, its as simple as a phone call or email and we’ll take it from there. American Maids’ office cleaners in Cincinnati are able to quickly adapt to changes due to a strong management team who is constantly going over our checklists to ensure they are still relevant based on the client’s needs and time of year. For example, many of our clients have us come more frequently during the winter months or clean certain areas more frequently to accommodate the increased mud and salty floors we deal with here in Ohio. Your business isn’t standard, so your cleanings shouldn’t be a “one size fits all” approach, either.

Frequent and Professional Communication
At every business we clean, we are constantly looking for feedback on ways to improve or adjust to suit your unique needs. A huge benefit of hiring our team rather than an individual cleaner or employee is that you get a level of separation from the actual cleaner. What we mean by this is that rather than YOU being responsible for communication and potential discipline, the management is who you discuss any questions or issues with, and we handle any further action needed. We’ve had many clients who hired someone they knew who needed some money or was an old family friend, and it created a very uncomfortable and unnecessarily stressful situation for the business owner to have to give any negative feedback to the cleaner. In addition, it’s part of our company culture to take constructive criticism in a neutral and action-oriented way. Our cleaners know that we are here to provide incredible service to our clients, and that includes making adjustments when necessary with how the cleanings are being performed. Hiring American Maids as your office cleaning service in Cincinnati gives you valuable time back managing on staff janitors/individual cleaners, and lowers your mental load because you simply won’t have to think about the cleaning getting done at a high level. With us, it just gets done.

Quality Control
At American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist, our motto when it comes to quality control is “trust, but verify”. When we hire, we are hiring on someone’s ability to be self reliant, performing all needed tasks at a high level, making micro-managing unnecessary. However, this does not mean that someone should never be checked on because they historically have done a wonderful job. We make unannounced, frequent quality checks on our facilities because we want our team to always be held to the high standard our clients have come to know with American Maids as the top office cleaning service in Cincinnati.